Volunteering is Solidarity vol. 2


Cześć adventurous people!

In the name of the 12 volunteers taking part in the project Volunteering is Solidarity vol.2 from the European Solidarity Corps, we welcome YOU to know more about us and what we are doing here in Poland.

The history of TRATWA (which means “raft” in English) began with the Non-Governmental Information Center established in August 1997 as a spontaneous atempt to overcome efects and providing basic assistance to victims of the flood, which less than a month earlier visited the southwestern regions of Poland.
Nowadays, the main objectives of the organization include development and professionalization of the third sector, providing quality support to young people in risk of exclusion through non-formal education methods and promotion of volunteering, intercultural and intergenerational awareness and mutual respect.

Our project started on the 14th of September of 2020, and as the new honorary members of the organization, our role here is to contribute with the evolution of Tratwa. Divided in two places: Czasoprzestrzeń and Legnicka, Tratwa is helping us expand our horizons.

Together in Czaso, we help the place to bloom and organize all kinds of events, for example, our latest participation was in a exposition about Refugees in Greece and workshop with homeschooled kids every Monday.
We also have our office, where we create our group and personal/individual projects, such as music group project, promotion and social group project and a lot of individual projects currently in the work.

In Legnicka, we work with seniors and also with teenagers, giving them a glimpse of non-formal and informal education and also helping the ones that are in risk of social exclusion. Our weekly activities in Legnicka include: language classes (English, French, Italian and Spanish) and Language Cafe on Wednesday afternoon, which is an exchange between people and languages.

Also as an NGO, we have a very important role in the Wrocław community. During the COVID-19 pandemia in the beginning of 2020, Tratwa was a great help for people in need. Together with the help of the volunteers and others, masks were sewn for people who couldn’t afford them, food supplies were given for those who couldn’t leave their houses and had lost their jobs and hope was restored.
With the current COVID-19 situation, we -the new volunteers- will maintain our goal towards helping people in this difficult time and also coming up with new ideas to interact from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Our hopes for this year is to partake on this experience with YOU by sharing our story, who we are, what we are doing and how YOU can be part of the amazing world of volunteering.
Keeps posted and we’ll see you soon!

Do widzenia!